Kellys in Africa


"We believe that God has called us to “GO into all the world and preach the gospel.”

Meet The Kellys

Tim and Chrissy Kelly have been members of Living Hope Church since 1985/1991. Tim was a teenager when he got saved at Living Hope youth group. His life was radically changed on a missions trip to Mexico the summer of 1985. It was at that time where he felt God change his direction for the future. He felt God calling him to missions and attended Bethany School of Missions in 1987 where he met the love of his life, Chrissy, in 1988. They married in 1990 and began their calling/journey towards the mission field.

Along the way, they began to raise their family! They had the call for missions, but God had other plans and planted them in Green Bay, where they both were involved in various ministries of service to Living Hope Church. They led short term mission teams to the the foreign field (China, Turkey, Kenya), along with being youth advisors with LHC youth group from 1991-2012. In 2013, Tim and Chrissy responded to the call to go overseas to the mission field in Kenya Africa. With the support of Living Hope Church, they moved with their family of six and began to serve as missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya. They lived and served in Kenya for 8 years (2013-2021).

They're now grown children McKenna (27)/husband Stuart; with their little baby girl on the way, Thomas (25), Kaden (21), and Micah (19) are all presently residing in Minnesota. All their kids are actively involved in their communities and churches. Each of the kids have/are attending Bethany Global University, with McKenna having served in France for her internship (2017-2018) and Thomas served in China (2018-2019) on his internship. Kaden and Micah grew up in Kenya and lived and served with our family for 7-8 years!

Support The Kellys

While in Kenya, the Kelly’s began a ministry called Publish 4 All/ Publish 4 Africa. It’s a Print on demand ministry designed to provide global christian resources to the third world countries. Throughout the past 9 years, this ministry has grown, and now systems are being placed in 80+ countries. This print on demand ministry targets the third world countries that have little to no accessibility to Christian printed materials. It allows for organizations/ministries to print Christian materials for new life in Christ, personal growth, discipleship, teaching and training church leadership, and the printing of the scriptures in many newly translated languages (new testaments). It also is providing jobs, helping to sustain ministries, and impacting the communities they are in.

Since 2017 - Tim has installed, trained and equipped these printing systems in these following countries; Ghana, Kenya, Burkina-Faso, Guinea Bissau, Niger, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Guatemala.

In 2019, the Kelly’s began to sense that the work in Kenya was stable enough, and the national staff equipped and capable to run an operate the Kenya Publish 4 All ministry site by themselves. Tim began the process of turning the ministry over to them. Around that same time, the Kelly’s began to sense that God was calling them back to the US to provide leadership guidance, restructuring of the ministry headquarters, and provide a hub in which is easily accessible for him in his international travels. In March 2021, the Kelly’s moved back to Bloomington MN, where the Publish 4 All headquarters are located. To learn more about this ministry, please visit

Here are some ways to support The Kellys and take part in God’s mission to the world.

  1. Prayer for personal stamina and strength for Tim as he travels and does these installs
  2. Prayer for more trainers to come on board. Tim physically is not able to do all the travel that is coming up. We are trusting God for more trainers to come on board
  3. Financial assistance for daily operations of the ministry of the Publish 4 All/Publish 4 Africa Missionary Code: 00689-TCK
    Over the years, it has been very challenging to keep this ministry financially operational. We are in need of donors who can equip us with financial backing in order to maintain the daily operational needs. The need for backers is what enables us to keep the ministry going. We provide resources to those presently operating a system, along with providing technical support, equipment sourcing, and also to provide installation and training to those new systems being set up in many different countries. There are many more systems yet to go out in this next year, which will keep Tim very busy with traveling, installing and training
  4. Personal support for Tim and Chrissy - to be able to continue to work with their ministry of the Publish 4 All

Your prayers make a difference. Thank you for praying for us!! Tell others about this vital ministry.