• The Bible- The Word of God, because we believe it is the source of God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. It was written by men, but inspired by God.
  • God the Father – The Bible describes Him as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with different purposes and attributes, but the same being. He is the giver and sustainer of life. He is a loving, benevolent, gracious spiritual Father who instructs and disciplines His children. His word sets the standard for right and wrong.
  • God the Son, Jesus Christ- The eternal Son of God is Christ. He was sent to earth by the Father to take a human form. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to a virgin girl named Mary. The relationship between mankind and God was damaged when the first man sinned against God. He is the only sinless man who ever lived, unworthy of death. He was killed on a cross, buried, and raised from the dead by God. He died on our behalf, bridging the gap between man and God. Through faith in His sacrifice, we can have the hope of living forever with Him in Heaven when we die.
  • God the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit inspired the writers of Scripture with the words of God. After Jesus’ earthly ministry, He has empowered the Church and drawn people to the Father through Jesus. He graces believers with various abilities called gifts of the Spirit that help strengthen the Church.
  • Man – The Bible says that God created man in His own image, as beings designed to relate to God. The original man abused the freedom God gave them through their disobedience. They damaged the relationship with God for all people by bringing sin into the world. In spite of their sin, God loved people enough that He provided a way for the broken relations to be mended through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.
  • Salvation – Because of sin, mankind’s eternal destiny was separation from God after we die. But through the death and resurrection of Jesus, who was without sin, God offers us the chance to be saved from a hopeless fate. Salvation is available to anyone who hears the Good News about Jesus Christ and believes that He truly was and is God’s son who died and rose again on our behalf. God desires that all people recognize their sinfulness, turn from it, and trust Him to be saved. He promises that if we do so, it is like we are born again spiritually into God’s everlasting family.
  • The Church – The New Testament describes The Church as the Body of Christ. The Church is comprised of all the redeemed in Jesus Christ through the ages from all over the world. The Bible encourages the formation of local bodies of believers as individual, autonomous churches, yet bound together under the headship of Jesus Christ.
  • Baptism  – We practice baptism by immersing a new believer in water, symbolizing the Christian’s death to sin, burial of the past life, and resurrection to walk as a new creation in Christ. Baptism is not necessary for salvation, but an outward sign of a spiritual change.